Forex trading can be lucrative, fun and exhilarating for anyone looking to manage their own finances.

However, it is not the get rich quick scheme that it’s commonly associated with.

It’s time to get honest and understand that trading forex is a little bit more than just following trading indicators.

Forex trading for beginners can be daunting at first, but fear not:

★ Introducing our Forex Trading Guide.

This forex trading book is here to deliver you a strong set of foundations designed to be the pillar behind your trading journey.

By following what’s in this guide will certainly put you on the right path – just like many of our followers.

Inside this forex book we drill down from the absolute basics and build on your knowledge to developing a sound understanding of technical & fundamental analysis plus a world class deep dive into risk management.

★ Included in our guide is our popular Supply & Demand lessons.

We’ve translated our knowledge and experience into education for all aspiring forex traders.

By the end of this book you will understand at a high-level:-

  • The forex trading basics and avoiding common mistakes;
  • Easily read market structure to give you a trading bias;
  • How to actually do support & resistance levels (yes, most do this wrong!);
  • Find areas of the market where you can piggy-back off larger than normal buy/sell orders, granting you high-probability trading opportunities;
  • Master the several chart patterns to look out for and predictively understand where to take profit;
  • Receive a masterclass in risk management – understand how to protect your capital, your profits and how to improve your performances;
  • Understand how fundamental analysis will help you predict market trends and directions better before even looking at a chart;
  • Learn 2 market-proven trading strategies have also been included to get you started, on top of the other lessons on how to find trading opportunities;
  • Each forex strategy is laid out in a simple to digest step-by-step guide with examples.

This book is loaded with golden nuggets and tips to get you thinking about how to actually trade forex, and is a foundation to our trading day.

So whether you are a complete forex trading beginner and found this book for the first time, or someone who is still struggling to trade – this book is for you. ✓