Part 1: Tell the people the truth and nothing but the truth.
I have received many emails from students asking me for career guidance regarding ACCA and other Professional qualifications.
We have seen many changes over the years and most of these qualifications are no longer a great career path. There are better career opportunities for those who want to be an Accountant.

In this modern business environment an academic degree is much better than ACCA qualification especially for the Caribbean students.

A degree holder is more marketable than an ACCA graduate.

Don’t listen to the crowd. For the confused souls here is the best approach:

Step #1: Complete your secondary education
Step #2: Enroll into a University and complete your first degree
Step #3: If you want to be more competitive continue and complete your masters degree.

You do not need any professional qualifications to be very successful in life.

If you only have ACCA qualifications at this moment you are in deep trouble.

Here is the solution:

Matriculate into an independent degree program without claiming any exemptions and complete your first degree.

If you have not yet completed the ACCA and you do not have a first degree. Use your current passes and enroll into a degree program.

Warning to high school students!

I no longer recommend for you to study ACCA immediately after high school.
The best approach is to go to University.

Global Accountancy Institute, Inc. no longer support the ACCA qualifications
In Part 2, we will discuss the cost factors

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