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The Unrelenting Pursuit of Dreams: A Marathon, Not a Sprint By Dr. Glen Brown

The Unrelenting Pursuit of Dreams: A Marathon, Not a Sprint

Life is a series of sprints and marathons. In my journey, whether it be in the complex world of finance or the intricate maze of human existence, I’ve found that chasing your dreams requires a nuanced blend of speed and endurance. You see, dreams are not caught in leisurely strolls; they’re captured in pursuits that often leave you breathless, literally and metaphorically.

Out of Breath but Not Out of Spirit

My motto has always been, “Chase your dreams until you’re out of breath, then take a deep breath and keep going.” This philosophy stems from the core belief that attaining something of great value often necessitates great effort, often to the point of exhaustion. But what does it mean to be “out of breath”? In my years of financial engineering, executive leadership, and academic scholarship, being “out of breath” represents those pivotal moments when you feel like you’ve given your all, that you’ve reached the end of your rope. It is a mental, emotional, and sometimes even physical state where continuing seems almost unbearable.

The Importance of a Deep Breath

But here’s where the second part of the motto kicks in — taking that “deep breath.” Whether it’s pausing to evaluate investment risks, pivoting a business strategy, or even rethinking an academic thesis, that deep breath symbolizes a moment of respite and reflection. It provides you the space to reassess your methods, realign your objectives, and perhaps, most importantly, revitalize your spirit.

In a way, this “deep breath” aligns perfectly with my guiding philosophy: “We must consume ourselves in order to transform ourselves for our rebirth.” This brief pause is a period of mini-transformation. It’s a controlled burn, a conscious moment where we allow some parts of ourselves to be consumed so that new, stronger elements can rise from the ashes.

The Journey Continues

After taking that essential deep breath, what’s next? You keep going. The race isn’t over; in fact, it’s just begun. Like a marathon runner who’s just conquered a steep hill, you continue the run. There’s more road ahead, more dreams to chase, and greater heights to reach.

You see, I’ve always been committed to the practical application and academic advancement in the field of finance. But beyond the metrics, algorithms, and balance sheets is a world teeming with dreams that require relentless pursuit. And so, in the labyrinth of numbers and life’s complexities, my mantra continues to guide me: “Chase your dreams until you’re out of breath, then take a deep breath and keep going.”


The journey towards achieving our dreams is punctuated by myriad moments of exhaustion and enlightenment. But remember, exhaustion is not the finale; it’s merely a comma in a long, complex sentence. The narrative continues after you’ve caught your breath.

So, no matter the field you’re in or the dreams you’re chasing, when you find yourself out of breath, don’t mistake it for the end. Instead, see it as a crucial juncture—a moment for a deep breath, a moment to renew, reset, and resume your relentless pursuit. After all, the chase is a marathon, not a sprint. And in this lifelong marathon, it’s the balance of tenacity and wisdom that crosses the finish line.