The Journey Towards Financial Autonomy: An Insight into Dr. Glen Brown's World of Proprietary Trading
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Dr. Glen Brown is the driving force behind Global Financial Engineering, Inc. and Global Accountancy Institute, Inc. These are real Professional Proprietary Trading Firms, dedicated to bridging Accountancy, Finance, Investments, Trading, and Technology into a cohesive and profitable enterprise.

The Man Behind the Strategy

With a philosophy rooted in transformation and growth, Dr. Brown’s extensive experience in finance and investments manifests in a proprietary trading strategy developed over years. His focus has been on the synergistic interplay of risk, return, and technological innovation.

The Software: GATS

The backbone of these strategies is the Global Algorithmic Trading Software (GATS). This software handles everything from identifying trade opportunities to managing risk through complex stop-loss settings.

The Strategies: Global Deci Trend Trades Strategy

This complex strategy caters to those looking to capitalize on significant market trends. It incorporates a plethora of indicators such as the EMA Zones and the Dynamic Adaptive ATR Trailing Stop (DAATS).

Trade Execution and Management

Once the conditions detailed in the strategy are met, the GATS places a trade. The system assigns a Default Percentage Risk Per Trade of 0.07% and uses an Adaptive ATR Trailing Stop.

Trend Classification Through Time Bars

  • Long Term Trend (LTT): Determined by the M43200 Time Bars.
  • Medium Term Trend (MTT): Informed by the M10080 Time Bars.
  • Short Term Trend (STT): Ruled by the M1440 Time Bars.
  • Micro Trend (MT): Guided by the M240 Time Bars.

These Time Bars, when combined with the EMA Zones, offer a multi-dimensional view of the market.

The Philosophy

Inspired by the likes of Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, Dr. Brown’s guiding philosophy is one of transformation and relentless pursuit of excellence.

The Final Frontier

In a world of endless zeroes and ones, Where algorithms dance under artificial suns, The final frontier is not found in code, But within ourselves, where thoughts explode.


Dr. Glen Brown’s journey and innovations serve as a testament to the limitless potential within the world of finance and trading. Through his advanced strategies and risk management techniques, he continues to explore the final frontier in financial markets.

Disclaimer: The content in this article is intended for informational purposes only. It is not investment advice and should not be relied upon for making investment decisions. All trading involves risk; past performance is not indicative of future results.

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