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Global Accountancy Institute Inc Policy Regarding Timeframe for Courses and Mock Examination



Global Accountancy Institute Inc will give you nine (9) months to complete your ACCA subject. If you are doing the ACCA Diploma Papers (ACCA F1/FAB, ACCA F2/FMA and ACCA F3/FFA ) you will be given nine(9) months to complete all three subjects.

During this nine (9) months period you will be given thirty six (36) Mock Examinations. This means that you will have one (1) Mock Examination each week .Your performance will be compared against ACCA Pass Mark of 50% and GAC Pass Mark of 75%

We will use your performance data to determine if you are ready for the real ACCA examination. If you are not ready for the examination you will have to re-join the classes and pay the revision fees.

You are required to pass at least twenty seven (27) of the thirty (36) Mock Examinations. If you fail the mock examination you will be required to re-sit the examination within two (2) weeks.