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The New Global Pay As You Learn System make it easier to study at Global Accountancy Institute Inc

 The New Global Pay As You Learn System(GPAYL) make it easier  for students to study Accountancy Courses (ACCA, FIA,CAT, & CPA) at Global Accountancy Institute Inc.



In this video Dr Glen Brown will explain the  Global Pay As You Learn System(GPAYLS) and show you how to add credit to your student accounts. The Global Pay as You Learn System is a scalable payment plan system that enable students to make a deposit of 30% and then pay nine (9) equal monthly installments.

Under this system students can add monthly credit to their student account. Students need to comply with their payment plan schedule at all times. Any overdue balance will attract a monthly 10% charge.

Where students do not comply with the payment plan chosen, Global Accountancy Institute Inc reserves the right to bar such students from attending both online and face to face  classes. Other access may also be restricted.

The aim is to bring high quality education to as many students as possible at an affordable rate.You may even customize your course to match your budget and schedules.


We offer a completely safe and secure way for you to spread the cost of your ACCA Course

Benefits of Global Pay as You Learn System

1.      Allows you to pay a deposit of 30% and then make nine(9) equal monthly payments as you learn.

2.      Your fees includes your study materials in the form of digital e-books

3.      No Financial Pressure just add monthly credit to your account

4.      No Interest charges and no admin fees if you comply with your plan.

5.      Most affordable professional courses available, whether you pay in full, or pay as you learn.

6.      If you need to spread the cost, most of our courses can use "Global Pay as you learn System". You simply Pay as You Learn the course in stages at your pace and convenience.