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S.No. Student Grade Description
736 Global Accountancy Institute,Inc. is proud of your excellent performance in the F1/FAB exam! You have been consistent and diligent in your performance and if you remain focus amazing things will happen for you. Congratulations Paul!! New Status!!
FAB/F1- 72%
FFA/F3 - 86%
ACCA F4-91%
ACCA F5-70% ACCA F6 - 76% ACCA F7 -69% ACCA F8 - 59% ACCA F9 - 65% ACCA P1 - 65%
339 Global Accountancy Institute,Inc. Congratulates Ms. Lewellyn for passing all of her level 2 Examination. Well Done..
271 Global Accountancy Institute Congratulates you on your success in your ACCA F3 & F2 CBE Examination .Your hard work has paid off. Congratulations... FFA- 82%, FMA-70%, FAB -56%, F4-63%
265 'The heights of great men reach and kept were not attain at sudden flight, but they, while their companion slept, were toiling upward through the night.' Global Accountancy Institute,Inc. congratulates you on your excellent performance in the the F1/FAB exams! You have worked assiduously Odean, and this hard work is reflected in your result. Update for March 19, 2015
Pass ACCA F3/FFA with 70% Pass ACCA F2/FMA with 52%
Update for July 24, 2015
Pass ACCA F4 with 73%
248 Omaro is a dedicated, discipline and mature individual who performed well in his Level one exams. He has now advanced to Level two where the same level of discipline and high performance is expected. Omaro keep up the good work and all the best in your endeavours.
243 Ms Robinson have complete all three (3) papers within five (5) months. We at Global Accountancy Institute,Inc. would like to acknowledge her achievement. Congrats Ms Robinson. Congrats again to Ms Sherilee Robinson for passing her ACCA F4 Examination today January 14, 2015..
236 Global Accountancy Institute,Inc. Congratulates you for Passing your EXAMs. Continue to be focused and committed as you work towards your goal . Well Done ...... FAB- 79% FFA- 78% FMA-79%
233 Global Accountancy Institute,Inc. congratulates you for not only passing, but for performing extremely well on your ACCA /FAB exam. We are very proud of you, and we know that you will continue on the same path of excellence for all your other upcoming exams. FAB- 84% FMA- 71% FFA - 78%
226 Nickmar is a very reserved individual who demonstrates maturity and assertiveness in what he does. He has completed Level one of his ACCA exams and did extremely well and has now advanced to Level two. He is expected to demonstrate the same level of discipline moving forward. Congrats Nickmar and keep up the good work.
212 Stefanie accomplishes everything she puts her mind to and consumes knowledge through listening and asking questions until she understands. Her dedication to doing well is admirable and she performed extremely well in her Level one exams. Congrats Stefanie and keep up the good work.
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