Global Anniversary Traders (GAT)

Global Anniversary Traders (GAT) can be internal or external. Internal Global Anniversary Traders (GAT) are traders that work within Global Accountancy Institute trading department. External Global Anniversary Traders (GAT) are traders that work remotely around the globe.
All traders must undergo continuous training and hence we have designed Global Anniversary Traders (GAT) online Training Course for all Global Anniversary Traders (GAT).

We provide our Global Anniversary Traders (GAT) with a $20,000 live funded account. You do not require any funds of your own. The account and all funds remain ours. We give you the login credentials and full access to the account. In return, we will share equally with you the profits you make. At the same time, you are not liable for any losses you may have.
All Anniversary account traders start with a $20,000 funded account, independent of any previous experience or track record. Upon reaching your initial withdrawal target of $2000. your profit can be withdrawn, and you will be granted status of Global Contract Trader

Any time the Global Contract Trader achieves a growth target of 10%, we shall increase the trading capital by 30%. All withdrawals are subject to a 50/50 split and a maximum drawdown limit of 5% must be maintained at any level of funding.

Global Anniversary Traders (GAT) Training Course is designed to increase your chances of success. We provide you with all the necessary training, software, and tools.
The subscription fee for this course is US$3000 per year or US$250 per month.  Please read our terms and conditions here and then Click here to register