In my role as Chief Data scientists for Global Accountancy Institute,Inc. and Global Financial Engineering,Inc. I manage big date. Each day I analyzed  large amount of data points and use my skills in financial mathematics, programming and statistics to organize, clean and massage these data. The next stage is to use my analytic powers and industry knowledge with some degree of skepticism to identify hidden solutions for the challenges within the global financial markets.

My Strategic Approach to the  Process of Data Science.

My Strategic Approach uses several steps:

Step #1:Frame the problem
Step #2:Collect the data that I need to solve the problem
Step #3:Process the data
Step #4:Explore the data
Step #5:Perform in-depth analysis
Step #6:Communicate the results of my analysis

My Responsibilities as a Data Scientist:

1. Recommend the most cost-effective changes that should be made to
existing investments and trading strategies and procedures.

2. Record and Communicate findings and predictions to the Trading & Investment departments
through effective reports and visualizations of data.

3. Come up with new algorithms to figure out problems and create new trading tools and systems to automate work.

4. Devise data-driven solutions to challenges that are most pressing in the global financial markets.

5.Examine and explore data from several different angles to find hidden opportunities, weaknesses, and trends in our algorithms.

6.Thoroughly prune and clean data to get rid of the irrelevant information each month.

7.Employ sophisticated analytics programs, statistical methods, and machine learning to get data ready for use in a prescriptive and predictive modeling.

8.Extract data from several external and internal sources within the global financial markets.

Each day  in carrying out my various tasks, I applied  the  “Company’s Philosophy.” with  “The Laws of the Fifth Discipline.” in order to ensure success.

Company’s Philosophy:

  • We must Consume ourselves in order to Transform ourselves for our Rebirth…
  • We are blessed with subtlety, creative imaginations, and outstanding potential to attain spiritual enlightenment, transformation, and regeneration.

The Laws of the Fifth Discipline:

  1. Today’s problems come from yesterday’s “solutions.”
  2. The harder you push, the harder the system pushes back.
  3. Behavior grows better before it grows worse.
  4. The easy way out usually leads back in
  5. The cure can be worse than the disease.
  6. Faster is slower.
  7. Cause and effect are not closely related in time and space.
  8. Small changes can produce big results—but the areas of highest leverage are often the least obvious.
  9. You can have your cake and eat it too—but not at once.
  10. Dividing an elephant in half does not produce two small elephants.
  11. There is no blame